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Patience – GUNS N ROSES

One, two, one, two, three, four Shed a tear ’cause I’m missin’ you I’m still alright to smile Girl, I think about you every day now Was a time when I wasn’t sure But you set my mind at ease There is no doubt you’re in my heart now Said woman take it slow, and […]

You’re Giving Yourself Away – RATT

“Givin’ Yourself Away” written by Desmond Child, Stephen Pearcy and Diane Warren. You say you don’t want me You say you don’t care You say that your heart Ain’t got no room for me there You say you don’t need me But I know that it’s just a lie ‘Cause when you call me in […]

Miracle Drug – U2

I want to trip inside your head Spend the day there To hear the things you haven’t said And see what you might see I want to hear you when you call Do you feel anything at all? I want to see your thoughts take shape and walk right out Freedom has a scent Like […]

Photograph – Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

“Photograph” as written by Ed Sheeran John Mcdaid Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes But it’s the only thing that I know When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes It is the only thing makes us feel alive We keep this love in a photograph We made these memories for […]

Yahweh – U2

Take these shoes Click-clacking down some dead end street Take these shoes And make them fit Take this shirt Polyester white trash made in nowhere Take this shirt And make it clean, clean Take this soul Stranded in some skin and bones Take this soul And make it sing, sing Yahweh, Yahweh Always pain before […]

U2-Original of the Species (Lyrics)

“Original of the Species” as written by and Dave Evans Adam Clayton. Baby, slow down The end is not as fun as the start Please stay a child somewhere in your heart I’ll give you everything you want Except the thing that you want You are the first one of your kind And you feel […]

Perfect – ED SHEERAN

I found a love for me Darling just dive right in And follow my lead Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet I never knew you were the someone waiting for me ‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Not knowing what it was I will not give you up this […]

Miss You In A Heartbeat – DEF LEPPARD

“Miss You in a Heartbeat” as written by Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. I believe, that there’s something deep inside That shouldn’t be from time to time. I sure found out, for love was such a crime. The more you care, the more you fall. No need to worry, no […]