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Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Classic Queen Mix)

Mmm num ba deDum bum ba beDoo buh dum ba beh beh Pressure pushing down on mePressing down on you, no man ask forUnder pressure that burns a building downSplits a family in twoPuts people on streets Um ba ba beUm ba ba beDe day daEe day da, that’s okay It’s the terror of knowing […]

Love Walks In (Live) – Van Halen

“Love Walks In” is one of the five songs issued as singles from Van Halen‘s 1986 album 5150. “The first time Eddie played me that song, late one night, I got goosebumps,” recalled singer Sammy Hagar. “It was so beautiful. I wrote the lyrics on the spot and I sang it live with a hand-held mic. If you listen closely, […]

Bon Jovi – I’ll Be There For You (Argentina 1995) Audio Soundboard Replaced

I love this song so much! I think it’s so romantic and sweet. It’s about giving a relationship another chance. – JESSIELYNN Like Bon Jovi? Buy Bon Jovi CDs & T-shirts I’ll Be There for YouBon Jovi, Live in Argentina, 1995 I guess this time you're really leaving I heard your suitcase say goodbye Well […]

Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine – Philippine Arena 11.11.18

Guns N’ Roses playing Sweet Child O’ Mine live at the Philippine Arena, November 11, 2018 – Not In This Lifetime Tour